Synology NAS

About Synology

A Taiwanese company founded in 2000, Synology offers a wide variety of NAS products in a number of different lines, each designed with a specific setting in mind.  The j line of products is largely intended for home use, or possibly for a home office, being the least powerful but the most economic.  Products marked with a + are intended for corporate solutions, designed to allow full offices access to data simultaneously.  Their core products, without either the + or j, fit the middle market, usually intended for use by a corporate workgroup.

A few examples of products:
Synology DiskStation 8 Bay Network Attached Storage DS1812+ Xlnt cond
Synology DS1511+ 5 bay Diskless NAS Upgraded RAM 3GB
Synology DiskStation DS214se Budget Friendly 2 bay NAS Server SATA RAID USB EMS
Synology DiskStation DS214PLAY Ultimate Media Center Intel CPU 2 Bay NAS DLNA
Synology DiskStation DS412+ NAS Diskless Networked Attached Storage USED
Synology DX213 2Bay Drive Expansion Unit DS1813+ 1512+ 713+ Diskstation SATA NAS

Synology products almost universally score well in user reviews, often citing the large features list, the included software pre-installed, and the simplicity of installation for the hard drives themselves.  Transfer speeds also tend to be quite strong, maintaining rates competitive with same year models from other major NAS manufacturers, and the RAID options for the larger arrays can compete with anything else on the market today.

Modern Synology products come with their Disk Station Manager 2.1 package, which already includes a wide variety of applications, but Synology also provides support for a wide variety of other third party applications like WordPress, Joomla, and other standard data management systems.