Buffalo NAS

A Japanese company founded in 1975, Buffalo was originally a small family business that has grown into a leader in the computer peripheral market.  Founded as Melco Holdings, the company once focused more on audio equipment.  Their current name is a reference to one of their first products in the computer peripheral industry, a printer buffer.

A few examples of products:
Buffalo LinkStation Duo NAS 4TB 4 TBExternal LS WX40TL R1 R 2 HDD included
BUFFALO LinkStation 421e 2 Bay NAS Personal Cloud Media Enclosure SATA II 3 Gb
Buffalo Technology TS RX12TL R5 TeraStation III 120TB RM NAS
BUFFALO TeraStation ES 4 Bay 8TB 4 x 2TB RAID Network Attached Storage NAS
BUFFALO TeraStation ES 4 Bay 8TB 4 x 2TB RAID Network Attached Storage NAS
Buffalo LinkStation 500GB Shared Network Attached Storage LS 500GL Black

Today, Buffalo provides a wide variety of computer related peripherals, including a number of memory solutions such as USB flash drives, external hard drives, and network attached storage devices.  Lately, more and more of their most successful products have been NAS devices.  Some of their more popular NAS devices include the LinkStation, the Kuro Box, and the TeraStation.  Other peripherals currently in production include the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector, the AirStation line of wireless LANs, and a line of PC-based HD DVD players.

Buffalo as a whole is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan.  Buffalo Technology, the North American subsidiary of Buffalo, is headquartered in Austin, Texas.